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  This page is dedicated to all my friends and classmates in La Salle whom I have the opportunity to met again after a decade.
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That was then. This is now. If you think of university days, it seems to be so long ago and so far away. The Philippines is thousands of miles away and my old classmates are faded memory. The world is really very small. Who would have thought that I would see again old friends from school, not in the Philippines but in Europe. 

This used to be a dream...having coffee in a side walk café in Paris but it became a reality. Not that it was in Paris but this is in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

Here are a few pictures of us during my friends visit here in The Netherlands.


In two coincidental instances, I was in the Philippines in September 2000 and I EarlieI.jpg (27190 bytes) have meet Early Dujon in Manila. She was also having her holiday in the Philippines at that time. Early now lives in the US. 

In my recent trip to the Philippine sin August of this year (2001) I have met Christina Acak who was also in the Philippines at that time. Tina is now residing in New Jersey. She is my swimming  pal.