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Living in Europe


Europe...a place as a child I dreamed to see. Its old cultures and traditions I wanted to know.  Now, I am living in the midst of Europe and all I dreamed of as a child was as perfect as it was .It is beautiful! Interesting small town and busy cities.

Munich is where I spent four years of my life. It is my favorite city. A combination of old city life traditions mix with modern inventions and the way of life is so easy. An expensive city but clean and peaceful and the operas and ballets are great to see. Don't forget to see all the castles around Bavaria built by the extravagant King Ludwig II. ...a must be in it! OCTOBER FEAST.

One of the most colorful country on spring and summer time is Holland. Tulips and Tulip and more Tulips everywhere.  This is the land of the cheese, windmills and canals and my home base for now. Visit Amsterdam and the red light district for window shopping. It is something.

The Alps a mystic place. Remember the movie "The Sound of Music" "The hills are alive... " well that is in Salzburg, Austria where I attended espu3.JPG (78864 bytes) the ESPU (European Society of Pediatric Urology)  conference. Thanks to my urologist friend in Detroit, MI who informed me about ESPU.

Have you ever picture yourself in a tiny car and drive from one post card to another? Well, I did not imagine it. I did it! Norway! Drive around the northern part of Norway...Tromso, Kristiansund...its  a magical place. Home of the Trolls. Oh and the salmon! Its utterly delicious but nothing compare to whale meat. Actually it takes like beef.

Oh don't forget England. Yet another place full of old and mysterious castles.




Schloss Nymphenburg

Old House The Netherlands

London Thames

The Doumo, Milan, Italy

brussels1.jpg (147924 bytes)
Brussels, Belgium