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Glamour relates to  fascination, charisma, beauty, or sexual  attraction.  Wikipedia describes it as an act of casting a spell or an illusion over someone,  particularly to change how things appeared to them. Glamour originated in Scotland.  Originally it meant nothing more or less than grammar, the study of the proper form of words and sentences. This was back in the Middle Ages, when only a few clerics and clerks  (both words have the same origin)  knew how to write. To others, grammar  meant something mysterious and magical, as it still does to many who wrestle with the language today. Eventually grammar  came to have a secondary meaning of "magic." In Scots, the word had an l instead of the first r.  In the twentieth century, it was apparently American usage that transferred the glamour of magic to the glamour of fashion, personality, life style and photography.

The idea that glamour has its roots in magic makes it easy to understand how well it applies to the style of makeup made popular by the Hollywood film industry and fashion culture. Whether designing makeup for performers as part of a film, or for the bride in a luxury wedding, the makeup defines the character and the character defines the story.