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Moving to the Netherlands has been a big change in my life especially in terms in social life. I grew up in the Philippines and lived for a long time in Latin America, where life is a party everyday. I miss having people around and the music and the laughter. I have been an expat for more than 15 years. I have lived in many different countries that gave me a lot of experiences in life. Learn different cultures and speak different language.
We live in a very spacious flat on the beach (Scheveningen) and what better use is the large flat than to have people around. Because of this I was able to organized parties. I don't organize a traditional Dutch Parties. My party is "THE PARTY". Is is always a theme party with music, dancing ang lots of food. A party where East meet West and North meet South. A kind of gathering with friends around the world from Denmark to Indonesia and Argentina and South Africa.





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