Most people express themselves in different ways. Some through actions and some through words. Actions speaks louder than words. That is what most people say but some cannot read actions and I believe putting your thoughts into words are the most understandable way of expressing oneself. When I was young I wrote poems to express my feelings but now I use talking instead but still here are a couple of  well... lousy poems I have written but has been published.    

WITHOUT YOU has been published in 1998 in a poetry book." Search for Skringer on the poets name to view the poem.





My soul is longing,
Your kind of loving,
My eyes are weeping,
And my heart is dying.

I am so lonely
With out you honey
Since it is too early
To lose you completely.

If I can have you forever,
Then I will love you as ever.

But I have to let you go,
Even though I love you so.

Because my love I am not free
To love you as it be.



Tu eres la inspiracion de mi vida.
Mis ojos y mis estrellas.
Y cada sueno que tengo, sin te
Como puedo alcanzar mis ambitiones?

Tu eres la luz de mi vida.
Mi sol y mi luna.
Y cada paso que tome, sin te
Como puede buscar mi camino?

Tu eres la reflexion de mi vida.
Mis alegrias y Mis tristesas.
Y todos los dolores que tengo, sin te
Como puedo lograr mi futuro?

Tue eres el amor de mi vida.
Mi corazon y mi alma.
Y todo el aire que respiro, sin te
Como puedo vivir?
Porque  eres  mi vida.




Boston Review  

 House of Poetry 

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You are the inspiration of my life.
My eyes and my star.
And every dreams I have, without you
How can I reach my ambition?

You are the light of my life.
My sun and my candlelight.
And every step I make, without you
How can I find my way?

You are the reflection of my life.
My joys and my sorrows.
And every pains I feel, without you
How can I face the future?

You are the love of my life.
My heart and my soul
And every breath I take, without you
How can I go on living?

Because you are my life and my everything.


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