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To my personal web page. This is something about Mary Rose


There is more in saying than opening your mouth and talking.  There are  a lot of ways to express yourself...through art, poetry, music, dance and more.  I have tried a couple of them and some work and some not. In this case, I am trying it with a few words and a little work of art designing this web page. They are meant for self expression.


My Name:              MRS BSN RN/MUA
My Birthday:          SCORPIO 10 and I am a real
Scorpio woman
University of St. La Salle
                                 Graduated BS Nursing RN
Marital Status:        Single but not available.
My Job:                   So totally out of field with my degree.

As an international oriented person I have lived and worked in The Netherlands, Germany, The Philippines and most of the nations in Central America.  I am an enthusiastic and service-minded person with a broad array of interests ranging from medical, Information Technology to the service industry (travel and tourism).  I became skilled in hospitality management and I worked as a registered nurse in a hospital and later in an exclusive home for elderly people.  I have proven to be a resourceful self-starter with excellent interpersonal skills and I like to take initiatives and bring them to fruition.  By means of self-study and practice I became experienced in the use of computers and software applications.

I am a seasoned traveler myself. After graduation at St. La Salle University, I started traveling and visited most Central American nations, The USA and some European countries. During my travels I worked in the tourism industry and in Honduras I started my own restaurant, which developed into a successful profitable business.

For family reason, I moved to Germany in 1996 and took up my profession again in the medical area until I moved to The Netherlands. At present, I am living in Makati City, The Philippines for family reason again.

While living here in The Philippines I went to school to learn basic make up as a hobby.

I am interested in a variety of subjects (scientific, cultural) and I am very capable of acquiring new skills rapidly, especially those that involve computers and other IT tools.



  • My Favourite Song: Pop
  • My Favourite Book: Science Fiction
  • My Favourite Author: Tom Clancy
  • My Favourite Music or Group: The Cranberries  
  • My Favourite Movies: Plenty to mention but like Sci-Fi
  • My Favourite TV Show: Anything on Discovery, National Geographic & love Korean Mini Series
  • My Favourite Singer: Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, Celine D
  • My Favourite Actor: Robert Redford
  • My Favourite Actress: Julia Roberts
  • My Favourite Sport: Scuba Diving; Tennis, Swimming & Modell Train
  • My Favourite Colour: Black and Blue
  • My Favourite Flower: Roses & Orchids
  • My Favourite City: Munich