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Welcome to my University Days

La Salle Hymn

Youth of La Salle
See your Alma mater beckoning
Look once again
To the day of joyous reckoning
When she will stand
On the heights a mighty conqueror,
Each battle brings her further to the fore;
So let us held a helping hand,
Onward, onward youth of La Salle!
We must never stop
Until the banner of our college
Waves at the very top
Time will make our conquest complete,
Something for all the world to see;
So green and white we'll fight with all our might
For this victory!

One of the most memorable experience in my life is going to La Salle where I have met friends and share good memories with them. 

My University Days 

BSN Topaz Class 1988 at Ana Lourdes Birthday

The Senior Swimming Team

St John Baptist de La Salle